Welcome to Pippy Park

Both our 9 hole Captain's Hill and 18 hole

Admiral's Green Courses are open for the

2020 golf season!  Call 753-7110 ext 2

for more information.

The Campgrounds is open for the 2020

camping season.

For more informaion call 1-877-477-3655

or email campground@pippypark.com


Pippy Park Campground Update June 23/2020

The Pippy Park Commission takes security of its Campground and visitor safety very seriously.

Park Patrol Officers in an identified vehicle are assigned each night to patrol the Campground. There are also night attendants with the responsibility of checking the washroom buildings and monitoring visitors entering the Campground. Attendants are available to assist Park Patrol Officers when required.

No vehicles are permitted in the Campground at any time without a permit and the Campground does have security cameras installed.

Pippy Park staff are in contact with the RNC concerning the recent incidents at the Campground and are reviewing controls to build upon existing security measures.

Pippy Park Covid-19

March 24th, 2020

The Park’s geographical area is 3400 sq. acres.  We presently see continued responsible visitation by many in open space areas such as the Three Pond Barrens and many of the Grand Concourse trails throughout the Park. Similar to the City of St. John’s directives we presently have no plans to close large passive open spaces, Grand Concourse trails or any trails in the Park at this time.

Similar again to the City, we plan to close our two small playgrounds (Nagle’s Place and the Campground.)

The City of St. John’s had previously closed the Winter Activity Center (North Bank Lodge) to the public and grooming of the trails in the Campground has been discontinued. Our Golf Course Clubhouse is a licensed facility with limitations on the size of gatherings and has been temporarily closed while we wait further direction.

We will continue to be compliant to the advice of Government and the Joint Public Health Response Committee on our Covid-19 responses and direction as Pippy Park works through this difficult time.

Thank you,

Management C.A. Pippy Park Commission

Pippy Park is one of Canada’s great urban parks. A wide mantle of green at the northern boundary of St. John’s, Pippy Park offers an oasis of tranquility, spectacular views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean, a park-like setting for our institutional partners, and year-round recreational opportunities.

"A unique and diverse park where people of all ages and all walks of life can come to enjoy activities that gratify the senses, stimulate the mind, and challenge the body."
--Pippy Park Master Plan focus group participants



We think this sentiment describes our Park perfectly. Come and find out for yourself. Discover our true nature!