About Us
Pippy Park is one of Canada‘s largest urban parks. The centerpiece of St. John‘s parklands, Pippy Park is a 3,400 acre (1,376 hectare) land reserve, and a nature conservation and recreation area within minutes of the downtown core.

Three times the size of Vancouver‘s Stanley Park, over 10 times that of Montreal‘s Mount Royal Park, larger still than Regina‘s Wascana Centre, Pippy Park contains some of the most important symbols of the Province‘s culture ­ political, historical, cultural, educational and natural. Pippy Park also contains a range of recreational facilities including two golf courses, the province‘s largest serviced campground, walking and skiing trails as well as protected habitat for many plants and animals.

Pippy Park was created with three roles:
  • to maintain a land bank for the development of institutions in a connected parkland setting
  • to provide recreational opportunities for residents
  • to protect and conserve natural habitats and features.

Residents come to Pippy Park to golf and gaze over the surrounding city and coastline, to take part in Winterfest and Summerdance, to birdwatch, to picnic with family, to jog with friends, to cross-country ski under night lights, to feel the grace and peace of woodlands.

The Park is also a popular place for tourists and business people visiting St. John‘s. Many take time out, while in the capital for conferences or business trips, to walk our trails or play a round of golf at the Admiral‘s Green or Captain‘s Hill courses.

Today, more and more visitors and residents alike are discovering the delights of this ‘Grand Park.’

Did you know

  • Pippy Park is 1/3 larger than the combined size of Stanley Park, Central Park and Mount Royal Park.
  • Pippy Park has the largest serviced campground in the Province.
  • Pippy Park provides 27 holes of fabulous scenic golf.
  • Happy Birthday! Pippy Park is 50 years old in 2018.