Cross-country skiing: Three Pond Barrens
Cross-country skiing: Three Pond Barrens

Skiing is a great way to discover Pippy Park’s wild side. A system of ungroomed, wilderness trails takes the more experienced skier through a hilly, wooded landscape to an area known as the Three Pond Barrens.


Directions and Trail Lengths

Trails start on the west side near the top of Allandale Road (above Exit 46 on the Trans Canada Highway). The series of "one way" trail loops provides a choice of trail lengths.

The shortest loop is about 1.5 km. The longest loop that stays within the Park boundary is about 6 km. This trail takes you to a log shelter where you can turn right onto high land, past Big Pond, and return to your starting point. There are many opportunities to turn back onto intermediate loops along the way.

For a good workout, take the extension to these trails and continue to Thorburn Road at Windsor Lake, a total of about 11 km round trip.

Trail Description

Narrow and twisting and sometimes steep, these trails are full of surprises and excitement. Cutting through boreal woodland, they lead out onto the spectacular plateau barrens. Here, it’s not uncommon to see rabbit, squirrel and moose tracks­and there’s a good chance of seeing a snowy owl.

The trails are marked with plastic arrows; yellow for the outward bound trails, red for the return trails, blue for the trail to Windsor Lake/Thorburn Road.


Don’t set out to ski late in the afternoon: it’s easy to get lost and the trails should not be skied after dark. Watch out for fallen trees, icy conditions and sudden hills! Ski with caution and at your own risk.


Pick up a map of the trails from North Bank Lodge on Nagles Place, or Pippy Pak Headquarters at Mt. Scio House, or print one from the maps menu.