Heritage Committee

To provide advice to the Pippy Park Commission on matters pertaining to the natural and cultural features within Pippy Park, and on any development adjacent to the Park which may affect these features.


This committee comprises individuals who have knowledge in range of areas from natural history to botany, from cultural history to land use planning, from environmental engineering to public relations.

  • Upon the request of the Commission, review development applications, policies and procedures and provide counsel on potential implications for the natural and cultural features of the Park
  • Provide expertise on the preservation and conservation of the biotic (e.g. flora, fauna, avian, riparian) and abiotic (e.g. geology, scenery) features of the Park
  • Provide expertise pertaining to the preservation and conservation of the cultural and historic features (e.g. structures, monuments, trails, genealogy, land uses, etc.) of the Park
  • Advise the Commission and its partners in the promotion of the culture and history of Pippy Park
  • Encourage and assist special heritage events such as lectures and interpretive workshops
  • Initiate and assist research efforts and projects pertaining to the natural, cultural and management aspects of the Park
  • Prepare reports, newsletters, brochures and other information for Commission use and public distribution
  • With the approval of the Commission, solicit donations, both monetary and in-kind, to achieve the objectives of the Committee and the Commission.

Projects and Activities

The Heritage Committee sponsors and organizes:
  • Semi-annual Pippy Park Public Lecture Series
  • Audio and video recording of cultural heritage significance
  • Occasional guided tours
  • Creation of a database of areas of interest within the Park.

The Committee also provides analyses on land areas designated for construction or building for demolition, and prepares policy papers (e.g. Conservation Policy) for the Pippy Park Commission.