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Safety Reminder: Wildlife Interactions
Pippy Park would like to remind you that it is possible to see coyotes in the Park, as it is possible to see many types of wildlife. While coyotes are not new to Pippy Park there have been more sightings in the 2015 than previous years.

There are many excellent steps you can take to avoid conflict with coyotes. These have been summarize by the Provincial Wildlife Division and can be found at:

Sightings of coyotes and other wildlife should be reported to the Forestry & Agrifoods Agency (Conservation Officers) at 729-4180 or Pippy Park at 737-3655.

Newsletters / Reports
Below are the Pippy Park Newsletters and Annual Report:

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Doggie Do...but dog owners Don't
Just a friendly reminder that pet owners are required to keep their pets on a leash and clean up after them while walking on trails in Pippy Park. This especially applies to the Three Pond Barrens trails and the entrance at the end of Allandale Road. Pet clean up bags are provided there for your convenience. Thank you for your cooperation.