Park Act and Regulations

C.A. Pippy Park was established by an Act of the Newfoundland Legislature in 1968. The Act created the C.A. Pippy Park Commission, a semi-autonomous Crown Corporation under the laws of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Commission currently reports to the Minister of Tourism,Culture,Industry and Innovation.

The C.A. Pippy Park Commission consists of an eight-member Board, most of whom are appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, representing the Provincial Government, Memorial University, City of St. John’s, Pippy Family, and Pippy Park Landowners.The Commission has broad powers under the Act to implement a master plan and accordingly regulate land use within Pippy Park.

Objectives of the Commission



  • Maintain a park-like setting to house the seat of the Provincial Government, Memorial University and other educational and cultural institutions
  • Provide recreational opportunities for the residents of the Province
  • Preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the area.


The C.A. Pippy Park Commission Act gives the Commission the authority to make and enforce regulations to ensure the safety of Park users and protect the Park’s natural systems.